We certainly love our job and hearing back from our passengers is always exciting! We try hard to meet everyone’s expectations by offering a memorable experience in the stunning Skjálfandi Bay. Therefore,  positive feedback always make us feel proud of our work!

Our team really appreciates all sorts of feedback. Why? It definitely helps us to know what our strengths are and what leaves some room for improvement.

In this case, we invited our friends Kathrin & Dominik from VACAYMOOD, who joined one of our tours on the 7th of July. 

You can find more about their experience below:

“An unforgettable highlight on our route through Iceland were the whales, that we spotted with Husavik Adventures in the bay of Húsavík. We desired to see the large marine mammals up close for so long, but so far, we only ever saw a splash, blow or a fluke from a distance. Here in Húsavík, our dream should finally come true.”

alt=”Smily face
Our RIB boat Kría ready to go out! Photo Credit: VacayMood 
alt=”Smily face
Humpback whale tail ! Photo Credit: VacayMood 


“After some nice views from the distances. luck is on our side and the humpback whale appears only a few meters from our boat. All guests freeze in awe. The engine of the RIB is switched off and the whale stays on the surface for a few seconds and eyes us. What an experience.”

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We just entered the month of March, and we had already some friends noticing some green grass in the country side!  This means that the summer is getting closer and with that the beginning of the season for Húsavík Adventures! 👌
Well wait… According to the weather forecast we might have a snow storm tomorrow… How magical is Iceland, right? 😌

However, we are getting ready to start the 2021 season anyways, and we definitely want to make it easy for you!
We understand that COVID19 brought some complicated times for everyone, and “uncertainty” and “unexpected” are two words that we constantly use in our daily life, and this is the main reason why we decided to update our terms and conditions for the upcoming season! ☝🏼 

What’s new you might ask? Well… Keep reading! Our new terms and conditions for 2021 include…

⚡️ TOTAL FLEXIBILITY.  We understand plans can change, so we’ll assist you in updating your reservation!

✨ FREE CANCELLATION.  We offer a full refund up to 24 hours before the activity starts.

💫 PAY LATER. You can now book a tour and pay upon arrival! Just send us an email with your information! Simple as that.

So…Does it sound like a good deal?

Then what are you waiting for! Check our 2021 timetable and Book now your tour with Húsavík Adventures!

Do you have some extra questions for us?
Please, feel free to email us at whales@husavikadventures.is or you can chat with us in any of our social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram! We would love to hear from you! 😄

We are optimistic for the season, full of energy and we hope to welcome you aboard with us soon! 🐳

The Húsavík Adventures team

After what seems like an eternity of wait… our whale watching tours from Húsavík are now available for booking for the 2021 season! Drum rolls please!! 

So…get those warm clothes out, pack them up and make your way to us. Get ready to enjoy a unique experience with Húsavík Adventures!

We offer a 2-hour whale watching tour from Húsavík, known as The Whale Capital of Iceland, on a speedy RIB.

What’s on the tour, you ask? Our amazing caption, whale watching tour guide expert, warm water resistant overall suit, a life vest, and lots and lots of fun.

Big Whales & Puffins

Our tour begins by heading into the beautiful Skjálfandi bay. There are varied whale species that are known to be accommodated in this area, for example the Humpback whale, the Minke whale, the White-beaked dolphins and sometimes even Blue whales and Killer whales!

Our first pit stop will be in Lundey, also known as the Puffin Island in English. It is a great spot to enjoy bird watching Iceland’s popular ones.

We will then head to Tjörnes peninsula, known for its fossil layers with the most ancient one being two million years old!

Why a RIB boat for a whale watching tour?

The speedy RIB boats can pull off maximum miles in the trip which makes it more likely to have a closer encounter with the whales. And with a capacity of just 12 passengers on board, we’ve tried to make it an exclusive and elusive experience for our tourers to enjoy the breathtaking views and of course, our beloved giants from every angle.

*Please note that the Puffin season is ca. 1st May-20th August. Outside that time of the year our tours are Big Whales exclusive!

Midnight Sun Whale Watching

Our most prized possession is the Midnight Sun Whale Watching tour! Hop on our sleek RIB Boats and sail away into the midnight sun to meet the whales.

These tours are available from 1st June until 31st July. That’s the time of the year when the daylight is almost for 24 hours in Iceland! In the most ideal conditions (which happens often) the sea goes completely still while the sun drops down in the horizon.

And what about the whales? Not asleep at all!

Through the years, our guests have enjoyed numerous whale activities in the bay with minimal traffic from other boats. In fact, the Midnight Sun Whale Watching tour from Húsavík is one of the best kept secrets from the town, as the conditions are very often ideal for our travelers.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your tour HERE !

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See you soon!