Whale Watching

Whales can be spotted equally throughout the day. Although every tour is different from the other, there’s equal chance for a great show at any given hour.

How about the whales behavior? 

It ain’t so different between separate parts of the day. After all they spend their time mostly feeding.

All Whale Watching trips are dependent on the wild nature of Skjálfandi Bay and as we know, nature is unpredictable. The chances of seeing whales are overwhelming with up to 99% rate of seeing whales during trips over the last years.

In the rare cases of no sightings (dolphins included), passengers get a “Return ticket”. That means that customers of the tour can return in the future (even the next tour depending on availability) for a free tour.

We do not refund tickets if no whales and/or dolphins are seen on the tour.

You can either choose to join us in a tour later or get a full refund.

No. We’re dealing with wild nature and it is unpredictable. However we’ve got whale sightings in 99% of our tours for the recent years so we can be pretty optimistic each and every time we leave the harbor.

We provide warm water resistant overall suit and a life vest before going on board. It can be pretty cold in the bay, so wearing warm clothes underneath the suit is necessary. Hats, gloves and good shoes should also be worn.