Since the first whale-watching tour from Húsavík on April 1st, 2023, our crew has kept logbooks from each and every trip out in Skjálfandi Bay. Our guides wrote down every whale that was seen on the tours (which can be more than one species) and also wrote down the “unsuccessful departures”, in order to calculate the percentage of tours where whales and/or dolphins were spotted.

Sightings Húsavík 2023 (Peak season)

From June 1st to August 31st, 2023, whales were spotted in 495 out of 499 tours = 99.2%

In total 7 different species were spotted: Humpback whales, Blue whales, Harbour porpoises, White-beaked dolphins, Minke whales, and Blue/Fin whale hybrid, Northern bottlenose.

Summary 2023 – Húsavík (June to August)

Humpback whales in 474 of 499 tours                         95%
White-beaked dolphins in 149 of 499                           30%
Blue whales in 60 of 499 tours (includes hybrid)       12%
Minke Whale in 42 of 499                                                 8%
Harbour porpoises in 24 of 499                                       5%
Northern Bottlenose Whales in 6 of 499                        1%

Total: 495 of 499 = 99.2%

Please note: When it comes to calculating the success rate of trips, different companies have different methods, some more credible than others. As a rule of thumb, Húsavík Adventures crew count trips as “unsuccessful” if nothing bigger than dolphins is seen during the tour. Also if for some reason conditions to spot the whales are so hard that not every passenger sees the whales we do not count those trips as successful.