2 hours
Húsavík, Iceland

Big Whales and Puffins 

We offer a 2-hour whale-watching tour on a speedy RIB boat from Húsavík – The Whale Capital of Iceland! 🇮🇸

IMPORTANT NOTE! Puffin season is ca. 15th of April-20th August. Outside that time of the year our tours are Big Whales exclusive!

Get your warm clothes and get ready down at Húsavík harbor! Included is an expert whale watching guide, a captain on board, warm water-resistant overall suit and a life vest. Bring your hats and gloves with you – the bay can be pretty cold!

The tour begins with a sail to the beautiful Skjálfandi bay. There are many whale species that are known to be accommodated in Skjálfandi bay. For example, the Humpback whale, the Minke whaledolphins, porpoises… More than 10 different species!
he speedy RIB boats make it more likely to have a close encounter with the giants, being able to drive huge amounts of miles in the trip. Also, with only 12 passengers or fewer on board, the competition for the best view on board is certainly eliminated.

Among places we’ll see is Lundey (Puffin Island), known for its great amount of the popular bird. Passengers will also see the Tjörnes peninsula, known for its fossil layers with the most ancient one being two million years old!

So, when will you join us? Have a look at our timetable for 2023!

 ⚠️People that have health related issues such as a weak heart, bad back, epilepsy or mobility issues should contact us prior to booking and we will be happy to assist you. Pregnant women too. It is always the captain’s decision to stop people from going on the tour. The minimum age onboard is 8 years old or 130 cm.

Please read the Terms and conditions before making a reservation. This information is very important for you.

Our fleet

Our RIB boats (Rigid Inflatable Boats) are among the fastest RIB boats available in Iceland. They were specially designed to get you as close as possible to the whales, dolphins and puffins here in Húsavík. Their speed allows us to cover longer distances in search of the whales, which increases your chances of meeting some of the biggest animals in the world. Despite the speed and power of our RIB boats, their noise and impact is minimal. Last summer we had a 99% success of seeing whales on Skjálfandi bay.

We have two RIB boats that seat 12 passengers per boat, each with an expert whale watching guide and captain on board. Our captains have many years of experience sailing on Skjálfandi bay. We focus on small group tours, therefore, there is no competition for the best view on board. Our reputation for a passenger-centered approach precedes us, assuring you with the best possible experience and utmost safety on board.

International regulations state that RIB boats are allowed to have 12 passengers on board each boat, so our boats were specially designed to meet those regulations. We hold the safety of our passengers to the highest of standards, and take every precaution to ensure it.

Safety on board

Our RIB boats, Kría and Kjói, are 12 meter long custom made Marina RIB boats. They were originally designed for the Coast Guard and are therefore very stable and safe in all types of weather. Both of our RIBs are powered by two 315 HP diesel engines and can get up to the speed of 45 sea-miles per hour (81 km/hr).
RIB boats are used for many purposes all around the world, such as by the Coast Guard, Navy and the Police because of their speed, safety and flexibility on the high seas.

International regulations state that RIB boats are allowed to have 12 passengers on board each boat, so our boats were specially designed to meet those regulations. Our RIBs have all the necessary equipment on board. This includes: rescue boats, lifebuoys, rescue throwing line, flares, compasses, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, tool kits, navigation lights, radios, GPS devices, anchors and life jackets for all on board. Our life jackets have automatic gas inflation, so the life jackets inflate automatically should you enter the water wearing one.

This image shows how the boat´s hull has a double layer of rigid material, ensuring stability and improving the boat’s ability to cut through waves, all the while maintaining comfort for its passengers.

Our location
Húsavík Adventures is located in Húsavík in the northeast part of Iceland. Húsavík Adventures RIB boats Kría and Kjoi depart from Húsavík Harbour.

Before you go on the tour
Before your tour, you have to visit our ticket office (Garðarsbraut, 640 Húsavík) and collect your boarding card no later than 30 minutes before departure. Please note that we share the building with our parent company North Sailing.

There is limited parking in front of our office, but plenty of other options in town. We recommend parking right behind the Húsavík church or by the harbor.

As soon as you check in, we will start getting ready in our dressing room. More or less 10 minutes before the tour departure, all the passengers should have got their floatation overall and safety vest which is supplied by the crew members. Passengers are also required to sign a “passenger list” before starting the tour.

It is the passenger’s responsibility to arrive on time otherwise there is a risk of losing reserved seats.

We offer warm, water-resistant overalls and safety vests during the trip. The overalls will keep you warm and dry but it is still recommended to bring your own warm clothes. Gloves and hats are a must!

Cancellations and Changes
Reservations that are canceled more than 24 hours before departure will be fully refunded. Cancellations less than 24 hours before departure will be charged full price.

For cancellations and changes of reservations please contact Húsavík Adventures by email at whales@husavikadventures.is or give us a call at (+354) 8534205

Please note that all tours are dependent on the nature.  Weather and sea conditions are different every day, therefore we reserve the right to change or cancel scheduled departures, this is for your safety as a passenger.  
If the weather makes us cancel or change a scheduled departure, all customers will be offered to book another trip or receive a full refund.
Light rain is not a reason to cancel a tour. In that case, you will be provided a raincoat and waterproof boots if needed.

Return Ticket
Whale watching tours depend on the wild nature of Skjálfandi Bay and as we all know; the nature is unpredictable.  On the other hand, the chances of seeing whales are overwhelming with up to 99% rate (May to August) over the last years.

However, if no whales (dolphins included) are seen on the tour, passengers are welcome to join another Húsavík Adventures tour free of charge, depending on availability. We will give you the so-called “Return Ticket” which has no expiration date and it is untransferable.

Please note that we do not refund tickets if no whales and/or dolphins are seen on the tour. This is a fixed rule for all the whale-watching companies in Húsavík.

Health issues
People that have health-related issues such as a weak heart, bad back, epilepsy, or mobility issues should contact us prior to booking and we will be happy to assist you. Pregnant people too.

It is always the captain’s decision to stop people from going on the tour based on safety concerns.

Age restrictions
The minimum age onboard is 8 years old or 130 cm.

All prices are shown on our website www.husavikadventures.is in Icelandic Krona for the season 2023/2024. Online payments are charged in Icelandic Krona.

Contact details
Do you have any questions? You can reach us anytime!
Email:  whales@husavikadventures.is 
Phone no: (+354) 853 4205