The Humpback surfaces close to us, its broad back arching once again, then rolling downwards, showing its characteristic namesake hump-like dorsal fin until its tail fluke slowly lifts clear of the water. Water cascades off the tip as it sinks below the surface, leaving only the ripples of its fluke print.

Too big for a humpback whale?

Humpback whale fluke
Humpback whale fluke

Moments later, we get a call over the radio from one of our colleagues on a North Sailing vessel. Using binoculars, they spotted a blow some three and a half miles distant. It’s big, almost certainly too big for a Humpback. We look at each other, none of the crew want to say it… Could it be? Robert, the Captain, delicately eases us away from the newly surfaced Humpback. Once we are a safe distance away, Robert increases the throttle, and soon we are skipping across the chop at speed, heading towards where the whale’s blow was last seen. This is one of the big advantages of a RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat): we are fast and maneuverable and can close the three miles in a few minutes. Also, being low in the water, we are right where the action is!

The largest animal on our planet

Blue whale diving © Ales Mucha
Blue whale diving 

The tension mounts as we search the horizon of Iceland’s Skjálfandi Bay for our new whale… Everyone’s eyes are peeled, although we haven’t told the guests about our suspicion it’s clear from our faces that something is about to happen. No one speaks, everyone on board is staring seaward as I make my way to the bow. Although I have guided in other places for quite a while this is my first season in Húsavík. I am aware of everyone’s excitement as I continue to scan the horizon as the RIB comes to a stop. Nothing, not even the wind moves the surface of the ocean. A sense of disappointment starts to come over me, perhaps whatever it was has gone? This is always the risk of working with wild animals in their natural habitat. Then it happens……. The colossal mass of what can only be a Blue whale breaks the surface about 60 meters away. As it exhales hard a plume of CO2 and water vapor is thrown ten meters high in the air and hangs in a fine mist. As the whale inhales the sound of air rushing into its blowholes fills our ears. It’s almost inconceivable just how much air it sucks in, up to 5000 liters of clean fresh Icelandic air. That’s around 90% of their lung capacity. On average humans only exchange around 25-30%. After it exhales it starts it’s slow roll beneath the surface. The head dips and the back arches and submerges, rolling downwards for what seems like minutes until we finally see its characteristic tiny dorsal fin set well back towards the tail. Just like that the Blue whale is gone again, disappearing below the waves as if in an il

lusionist’s trick. Just a few ripples and some chattering Arctic Terns remain. Weighing up to 190 tonnes (equivalent to five double decker London buses) and reaching almost 30 meters it appears unreal how silently it has vanished.

Passion for whales in Húsavík

Blue whale close to our RIB
Blue whale close to our RIB

Passion for Whale Watching is Húsavík Adventures core value and sharing this sighting of a rare Blue Whale with excited guests is a humbling experience. 

After the initial excitement onboard I turn to see our guests sitting in wonderstruck silence, they should be, less than 1% of the planet has been lucky enough to see a Blue whale. The gentleman closest to me smiles and lifts his

open palm offering me a high five. The look on his face says it all, absolute awe. He beams as our hands clasp. His joy and emotion washes over me as our eyes meet and I find it hard to speak for a moment. This is why we love this job, this is why we are so passionate about Skjálfandi Bay and Húsavík. The reality of what we just witnessed sets in slowly as I start to explain to our guests about this amazing creature, the largest animal to have ever lived on Planet Earth.

Creating lifetime memories

Our speedy RIB Kjói
Our speedy RIB Kjói

The whale surfaces multiple times that afternoon as it feeds on its diet of plankton and Krill. Photos are taken, questions asked and a lifetime memory is made. Finally, with love and happiness in our hearts, we turn the bow towards home. 

Written by our new guide Austin Wainwright. Welcome to the team!

Hey there, whale-loving adventurers!

Guess who just touched down on Lundey Island? That’s right – the adorable puffins are back, and they’re ready to steal the show! Get ready to add a splash of color to your whale watching adventure because these little fellas have officially declared it puffin season!

Puffins are coming back! ©Álex_Cirera
Puffins are coming back! © Álex Cirera

Starting today, our tours will be making a beeline for Lundey Island to catch these feathered friends in action. Imagine the thrill of spotting majestic whales and catching a glimpse of these adorable puffins – what a show!

But hey, we’re not just here to chat about birds and whales (although they are pretty awesome). We’ve got a little treat for you, too! Don’t forget to use the exclusive promo code APRIL10RIB when booking your adventure through our website. That’s right – 10% off for tours booked until the end of April! Because why not add some savings to your bucket list adventures, right?

Now, let’s dive into some puffin trivia because who doesn’t love a fun fact or two?

Puffin at Lundey island © Iñaki
Puffin at Lundey island © Iñaki

Did you know that puffins are expert divers, plunging into the icy waters in search of their favorite snacks like sand eels and herring? Talk about living life on the edge!

And here’s another cool tidbit – puffins are known for their colorful beaks, which they shed after the breeding season, revealing a smaller, duller beak underneath.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your binoculars, dress in warm layers and join us for an unforgettable adventure filled with whales, puffins, and memories to last a lifetime. Book now and let’s make some waves together!

Húsavík Adventures team.

Hey, ocean lovers and thrill-seekers! Can you feel the wave of excitement crashing in? Because guess what? It’s that time of the year again – the spectacular season of whale watching is here, and we’re flipping our fins with excitement!

Húsavík our hometown
Húsavík our hometown

As the whales make their grand return to the spotlight, we’re gearing up for some serious whale-tastic adventures. From the comfort of our speed boats and coziness of our overalls to the thrill of spotting that first spout on the horizon, every moment promises to be an unforgettable splashdown.

But let’s not forget the real stars of the show – our magnificent marine friends! Each sighting is a reminder of the incredible wonders that lie beneath the waves. Whether you’re a seasoned whale watcher or a first-time fluke, there’s something truly magical about sharing the ocean with these magnificent creatures.

Humpback whales feeding ©Álex_Cirera
Humpback whales feeding ©Álex_Cirera

As we embark on this fantastic journey together, let’s remember to tread lightly, respect our marine friends, and soak in every moment of this wild and wonderful adventure. After all, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of a “whalecome back party” in the deep blue sea!

Let’s make a splash, folks! The whales are waiting, and the adventure of a lifetime awaits.

Remember to follow our adventures on Facebook and Instagram!

See you on the flip side!

Húsavík Adventures Team.


Since the first whale-watching tour from Húsavík on April 1st, 2023, our crew has kept logbooks from each and every trip out in Skjálfandi Bay. Our guides wrote down every whale that was seen on the tours (which can be more than one species) and also wrote down the “unsuccessful departures”, in order to calculate the percentage of tours where whales and/or dolphins were spotted.

Sightings Húsavík 2023 (Peak season)

From June 1st to August 31st, 2023, whales were spotted in 495 out of 499 tours = 99.2%

In total 7 different species were spotted: Humpback whales, Blue whales, Harbour porpoises, White-beaked dolphins, Minke whales, and Blue/Fin whale hybrid, Northern bottlenose.

Summary 2023 – Húsavík (June to August)

Humpback whales in 474 of 499 tours                         95%
White-beaked dolphins in 149 of 499                           30%
Blue whales in 60 of 499 tours (includes hybrid)       12%
Minke Whale in 42 of 499                                                 8%
Harbour porpoises in 24 of 499                                       5%
Northern Bottlenose Whales in 6 of 499                        1%

Total: 495 of 499 = 99.2%

Please note: When it comes to calculating the success rate of trips, different companies have different methods, some more credible than others. As a rule of thumb, Húsavík Adventures crew count trips as “unsuccessful” if nothing bigger than dolphins is seen during the tour. Also if for some reason conditions to spot the whales are so hard that not every passenger sees the whales we do not count those trips as successful.

We are only a few days away from our first day of the 2023 season!

The spring still looks like winter in Húsavík, but we are optimistic for a great summer, with lovely weather and lots of whales!

Early season encounters

Our parent company North Sailing spotted a big pod of Killer whales and a Blue whale in the bay a few days ago. Definitely stunning news!

Despite the BIG excitement from our colleagues, we are all wondering what brought the mighty blue to Skjálfandi bay, since it is very rare seeing them that early in the season.

Having found two of the most claimed whales out there definitely makes us wonder, what will happen next? We have hoping for Sperm Whales!

Maintenance about to be over

Captain Robbi
Captain Robbi
Captain Gústi
Captain Gústi

Our RIB boats have passed all the safety inspections over the winter and will be ready to rock soon.

Our Head-captain and maintenance leader Robbi has been working hard to make it happen, and together with captain Gústi, are finishing the last details.

As you can see in the picture, they were inserting the engine back to our boat Kjói just a couple of days ago.

Timetable for April

Our RIB boat Kjói will head out for the season’s first tour of 2023 on April 1st at 10:00am.
We have scheduled our second departure at 13:00h during Easter and from the 15th of April onward.

A third departure at 16:00h might be added to our timetable, but this is not confirmed yet. We will keep you updated!

You can read more about our schedule for 2023 here.

Early-bird discount for April ONLY

If you haven’t got your tickets yet, you can now use our last minute promo code “APRIL10″. This will give you a 10% discount at check out, and the opportunity to have an amazing time in Húsavík!

This code is only available to redeem in our website, and for bookings from 1st until the 30th of April.

This is all for now!

Remember to follow our adventures on Instagram and Facebook

For any questions and special requests, you can contact us at

See you soon! 🐋


Did you know that Iceland is the biggest whale watching destination in Europe? In fact, 20% of all tourist that visit Iceland go whale watching.

Therefore, it is important to follow certain guidelines to minimize the impact of such activity and protect the whales.

As you know, Húsavík Adventures has been following very strict guidelines for whale watching since it started offering tours in 2017.  You can more read about it here 

IceWhale logo
Ice Whale logo

However, we decided that it is time to take one step forward and join IceWhale – The Icelandic Whale Watching Association.

Icewhale is a non-profit organization formed by Icelandic whale watching operators.

We are now a total of 11 Icelandic whale watching companies committed to offer responsible tours under the same guidelines, taking into account the conservation of the whales.

♦ Why now?

Firstly, because we now understand that if we really want to make a change and help the animals that visit us in Húsavík, we can’t do it alone!

Therefore, we believe that if we unify all the individual efforts from the members of IceWhale, the results will be more powerful and will reach a larger audience.

IceWhale logo
Code of Conduct from Ice Whale

♦ Do you want to learn more about IceWhale?

You can find more information about the  project and guidelines here.

♦ Do you want to read our previous post about the Code of Conduct ?

Please take a look at this.

Well, a BIG thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon! 🐋

The HA team.


Code of Conduct for whale watching

On our tours, you can interact with wild nature and we want to keep it like that. Therefore we do our best to minimize the impact and disturbance caused to the animals while still giving our customers an unforgettable experience. Here the importance of the code of conduct.

Whales come to the Skjálfandi Bay in the summer to feed and build up fat resources for the winter. Once they head south food becomes scarce and they can go up to 6 months with nothing to eat. That is why the summertime is so important for the animal’s health and future potential. Luckily Iceland has plenty of food to offer thanks to constant sunlight and nutrient-rich waters.

However, it is important that whales are undisturbed and can exploit the vast resources in peace. Distressed by boat animals can stop feeding and spend a lot of resources trying to move away from the vessels and away from the food.

Our crew constantly observes the animals and looks for distress behaviors that would signal to us, that it is time to move away.

Distress behaviors can include:

 Diving and swimming away from the vessel
 Anomalous dive sequence
 Tail and head-slapping
 Blowing air underwater

We also follow the Code of conduct which describes how to approach animals:

Guidelines for operating vessels around cetaceans

Search zone (>300m)

Look out for whales. Signs of animals include a blow, big splashes, dorsal fins or even big flocks of birds.

Approach zone (<300m)

Once an animal is located the captain beings approach. The speed of the boat is significantly reduced. Animals are only approached from the side, never head-on or from the back to avoid collisions.

Caution zone (<100m)

The boat moves slowly or the propeller is turned off. Now we see what happens! Curious animals can approach the boat on their own and check it out, giving our customers an unforgettable experience.

Distressed animals can swim away if they choose to. Whales that do not seem to mind company often continue feeding while our boats cruise along.

We try to spend no longer than 20-30min with a single animal to minimize the impact. Similarly, we try to have no more than 3 boats at once with the same individual – if so we can go look somewhere else and come back later.

Interested in learning more about the impacts of whale watching in the area?

Check out this research project Here


Looking for more things to do in Húsavík? Our town has more to offer than just whale-watching!

Great discounts in Húsavík 2022 – Húsavík Adventures

With your Húsavík Adventures boarding card you can explore town’s attractions, taste local food and relax at geothermal baths all at discounted prices.


Unique geothermal baths that combine earth’s heat with mineral-rich seawater. You can relax after a long day of exploring and enjoy the view of Skjálfandi Bay and the Arctic Circle.

If you show our ticket while booking the experience you will receive a 10% discount.

Husavik Whale Museum

In our local museum you can learn more about whales, marine life and local history of human interaction with the ocean.

Exhibitions include 11 skeletons, each with unique history, including a 25m blue whale.

With your Húsavík Adventures ticket you can save 20% on admission.

Gamli Baukur

Enjoy local cuisine with a great view at Húsavík harbor and Skjálfandi Bay.

Gamli Baukur offers food for all preferences, including Icelandic specials as well as classic burgers and pizzas. After your meal, you can explore the inside of the restaurant and learn more about Húsavík history through the photo and memorabilia display.

Show our ticket and enjoy a 10% discount.

Remember they also offer Happy Hour! 🙂



We are extremely excited to announce that our whale watching tours from Húsavík are now available for booking for the 2022 season!

We offer a 2-hour whale watching tours from Húsavík, known as The Whale Capital of Iceland, on a speedy RIB boats.

What’s on the tour, you ask?  Our amazing caption, whale watching tour guide expert, warm water resistant overall suit, a life vest, and lots and lots of fun.

So…get those warm clothes out, pack them up and make your way up North. Get ready to enjoy a unique experience with Húsavík Adventures!

Husavik Adventures timetable 2022
Husavik Adventures timetable 2022


All our tours are guided in English, but we offer the option of Spanish & Icelandic guiding under request! Just send us an email to

Big Whales & Puffins

Experiene all the best that Húsavík has to offer on our classic Big Whales and puffins tour – Only 2 hours!

Big Whales & Puffins Whale Watching Tour

The speedy RIB boats make it more likely to have a close encounter with the giants, being able to cover more ground during the trip.

Also with only 12 passengers or fewer on board, competition for the best view on board is eliminated.We will stop by Lundey (Puffin Island), which hosts one of the biggest in Iceland puffin colonies.

Passengers will also see the Tjörnes peninsula, known for its fossil layers with the most ancient one being two millions years old!

*Puffin season is ca. 1st May-20th August. Outside that time of the year our tours are Big Whales exclusive!


Midnight Sun Whale Watching

Our most glorious and stunning product is without a doubt whale watching tour on our brilliant
RIB boats in the amazing Midnight Sun.

Our RIB boat during a Midnight Sun Whale Watching Tour

The tours are available from 1st June until 31st July. That’s the time of the year when the daylight is about 24 hours in Iceland! In the prime conditions (which happens a lot of times) the sea goes completely still while the sun drops downin the horizon.

And the whales? Not asleep at all! Our guests enjoy plenty of whale activity in the bay with a minimal traffic from other boats. In fact, Midnight Sun Whale Watching is one of the best kept secret in the Húsavík tourism as the conditions are very often ideal for our traveler.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your tour HERE !

You can also follow our adventures on Instagram and Facebook!

See you soon!


We certainly love our job and hearing back from our passengers is always exciting! We try hard to meet everyone’s expectations by offering a memorable experience in the stunning Skjálfandi Bay. Therefore,  positive feedback always make us feel proud of our work!

Our team really appreciates all sorts of feedback. Why? It definitely helps us to know what our strengths are and what leaves some room for improvement.

In this case, we invited our friends Kathrin & Dominik from VACAYMOOD, who joined one of our tours on the 7th of July. 

You can find more about their experience below:

“An unforgettable highlight on our route through Iceland were the whales, that we spotted with Husavik Adventures in the bay of Húsavík. We desired to see the large marine mammals up close for so long, but so far, we only ever saw a splash, blow or a fluke from a distance. Here in Húsavík, our dream should finally come true.”

alt=”Smily face
Our RIB boat Kría ready to go out! Photo Credit: VacayMood 
alt=”Smily face
Humpback whale tail ! Photo Credit: VacayMood 


“After some nice views from the distances. luck is on our side and the humpback whale appears only a few meters from our boat. All guests freeze in awe. The engine of the RIB is switched off and the whale stays on the surface for a few seconds and eyes us. What an experience.”

For the full testimonial, please visit the following link.