Looking for more things to do in Húsavík? Our town has more to offer than just whale-watching!

Great discounts in Húsavík 2022 – Húsavík Adventures

With your Húsavík Adventures boarding card you can explore town’s attractions, taste local food and relax at geothermal baths all at discounted prices.


Unique geothermal baths that combine earth’s heat with mineral-rich seawater. You can relax after a long day of exploring and enjoy the view of Skjálfandi Bay and the Arctic Circle.

If you show our ticket while booking the experience you will receive a 10% discount.

Husavik Whale Museum

In our local museum you can learn more about whales, marine life and local history of human interaction with the ocean.

Exhibitions include 11 skeletons, each with unique history, including a 25m blue whale.

With your Húsavík Adventures ticket you can save 20% on admission.

Gamli Baukur

Enjoy local cuisine with a great view at Húsavík harbor and Skjálfandi Bay.

Gamli Baukur offers food for all preferences, including Icelandic specials as well as classic burgers and pizzas. After your meal, you can explore the inside of the restaurant and learn more about Húsavík history through the photo and memorabilia display.

Show our ticket and enjoy a 10% discount.

Remember they also offer Happy Hour! 🙂