Húsavík Adventures with Icewhale


Did you know that Iceland is the biggest whale watching destination in Europe? In fact, 20% of all tourist that visit Iceland go whale watching.

Therefore, it is important to follow certain guidelines to minimize the impact of such activity and protect the whales.

As you know, Húsavík Adventures has been following very strict guidelines for whale watching since it started offering tours in 2017.  You can more read about it here 

IceWhale logo
Ice Whale logo

However, we decided that it is time to take one step forward and join IceWhale – The Icelandic Whale Watching Association.

Icewhale is a non-profit organization formed by Icelandic whale watching operators.

We are now a total of 11 Icelandic whale watching companies committed to offer responsible tours under the same guidelines, taking into account the conservation of the whales.

♦ Why now?

Firstly, because we now understand that if we really want to make a change and help the animals that visit us in Húsavík, we can’t do it alone!

Therefore, we believe that if we unify all the individual efforts from the members of IceWhale, the results will be more powerful and will reach a larger audience.

IceWhale logo
Code of Conduct from Ice Whale

♦ Do you want to learn more about IceWhale?

You can find more information about the  project and guidelines here.

♦ Do you want to read our previous post about the Code of Conduct ?

Please take a look at this.

Well, a BIG thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon! 🐋

The HA team.