Here it is! The tour that gives you everything from the experience of driving on the top of fresh lava, to the feeling of exploring gigantic craters next to a geothermal area in the highlands.

We will begin this tour in the headquarters of Mývatn Activity (beginning in Húsavík is also a option upon request). We will head down to Hólasandur where we turn onto a gravel track which we will follow past “Gæsafjöll” (Goose Mountains) before we enter the amazing lava trail where will be a pit stop for photography and exploration. Next we make our way towards the Stóra víti and Litla víti (Large hell and small hell) the magnificent craters which appears so suddenly it will blow your mind. In the aftermath of that experience we will drive a muddy road towards the Þeistareykir area, filled with geothermal heat and power from mother earth. Arriving there is like entering a new continent all of a sudden. We will then head towards Húsavík, finalizing the tour with a enjoyable hilly drive up to Húsavík Mountain where in clear conditions the view of four different commune is the perfect way to end this amazing adventure.

You can expect this fantastic tour to last from 4-5 hours. We offer a lunch pack as a extra option but bringing your own refreshments is also allowed.
We also offer pick-up service option to escort you back to Mývatn.

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