Buggy tours- perfect for groups!

With just over a month left of the RIB whale watching season the Buggy cars are still going strong, with the 12 month availability making them a new 365 activity in Húsavík. Naturally the experience is going to be really different in the tours of summer and winter season. This first summer has left us with happy customers, commenting on the extra beautiful route we are able to show. The Buggy tours are not just about the thrill of driving the cars, but also the beauty of the landscape on the way.

We have had a lot of groups in the tours so far. Friends, co-workers, bachelorette’s party etc.

A few days ago, KA FC visited us for a tour on a Saturday. KA FC is a Premier League football team in Iceland, currently in 7th place. The guys had a great day in Húsavík, seemingly enjoying the ride a lot.

We share some photos of their tour here below among with other group tours of the season.


KA FC ready for the Buggy tour!
Part of KA FC ready for the Buggy tour
Pit stop on the tracks above Húsavík
In the wilderness !
The feeling of driving in this area is like nothing else!